Roofing Industry Alliance Overview

Originally set up in 1997, The Roofing Industry Alliance has been revitalised in 2013 in order to re-address the roofing industry needs by bringing together the major roofing industry stakeholder who collectively set up training strategy for tackling the increased skill gap in our industry at all levels. Also, provide timely and forward-thinking industry responses to major economic and technological issues and enhance the long- term viability and attractiveness of the roofing industry.

The roofing sector has become the first within the Construction industry to be allowed to manage and organise its own CITB training funds through the auspices of the RIA.

The RIA includes all the major roofing trade associations and 13 Roof Training Groups (RTG) in the UK and is keen to support roof training by promoting best practice. The board of directors of the RIA is drawn from all areas of roofing and training.

The key aim of the RIA is to co-ordinate training information, publicise opportunities and fill any gaps in provision whilst simulating a whole range of training opportunities. Companies are encouraged to step up their game and invest in their workforce for a better, safer and more productive future.