Regional Roof Training Groups Facts & Benefits

Facts about Regional Training Groups

  • The 13 Regional Training Groups are in place to organise and co-ordinate roof training at all levels.
  • The Regional Training Groups are located throughout the UK and work directly with their local roofing contractor members.
  • Manufacturers, trade association representatives and local training providers can also be associate members of the Regional Training Groups.
  • Regional Training Groups meet regularly to ensure regular exchange of information is maintained to facilitate best practice regionally and nationally.
  • Regional Training Groups are able to access or prepare courses specifically designed for the roofing industry and the needs of the group member companies.
  • Regional Training Groups are able to obtain early information and keep up to date with changes and initiatives which affect the roofing industry, such as changes to legislation, grants, building regulations, European directives, environmental issues, technological developments and changes in materials, equipment and tools.
  • Regional Training Groups work closely with RIA on the development of pilot schemes for training initiatives nationally and specific to Groups’ needs.

Benefits of engaging with the Regional Roof Training Groups

  • Job done right first time
  • Increased motivation of workforce
  • Increased work rate per employee
  • Structured planning of workforce and their training requirements for the future.
  • Reduce turnover of employees
  • Attract better operatives and staff to your company with clearly defined opportunities
  • Repeat business with satisfied clients
  • Improved understanding of each person’s role and internal communications
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Less waste on site