Essential Industry Skills and Qualifications

Project Start Date March 2016 / End Date February 2017

Roofing Industry Alliance Project Strategic Priority Objectives are in line with CITB strategic priorities

  • To improve training procedures to increase skills, competence and qualifications across the roofing sector.
  • Reducing skills gaps:

    Skills gaps are defined as ‘holes’ in the knowledge and competence of existing staff. The gaps may result in low profitability and productivity, reduced quality, longer snagging, and a poor health and safety record.
  • Reducing skills shortages:

    Skills shortages are defined as the inability to recruit new staff with the appropriate skills at an appropriate wage. These may result in long-term vacancies, understaffing and high overtime for existing staff. We want to increase the number of people joining the construction industry so that employers can recruit from a wider pool of talent.
  • Increasing access to the right training:

    This involves encouraging and enabling more employers to access the training required to meet their skills needs.
  • Increasing the appeal of working in construction:

    Engage and promote the industry to schools/college individuals as an exciting and viable career option.
  • Increasing training expenditure:

    This means encouraging employers to invest more in training and to use training solutions that can be applied across the wider sector.
  • Increasing the added value per employee:

    This involves training staff so they have new skills that help employers be more productive and competitive.
  • Increase collaborative work within the roofing industry and other construction industry partners

Additional Objectives

  • Create an Ethos of Continual Professional Development.
  • Widen the Skills engagement with roofing individuals and companies.
  • Seek to create and encourage recognition of excellence of roofing individuals.
  • Where necessary build delivery capacity at a national level.
  • Where appropriate, Increase the numbers of roofing discipline assessors, quality assurers and work based recorders to cope with any increased training capacity.

Participating Organisations

The BCP supports training, competencies and qualifications in all roofing disciplines:

Roof Tiling,

Sheeting and Cladding,

Built Up Felt Roofing:


National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)

Contact: Drew Beattie

Tel: 020 7638 7663



Liquid Roofing:


Liquid Applied Waterproofing Association (LRWA)

Contact: Chris Bussens

Tel: 07708 87202



Single Ply Roofing:


Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA)

Contact: Cathie Clarke

Tel: 020 7638 7663



Traditional Metals


Federation of Traditional Metal Contractors (FTMRC)

Contact: Nigel Johnston

Tel: 07931 210085