Benefits of the BCP to the Employer and Individual

Project Start Date: May 2016 / Project End Date April 2019

What are the Benefits to the Employer?

  • 3 Years Red Experienced Worker CSCS Card.
  • The gaining of generic knowledge that can be taken into other roofing sectors.
  • The completion of a recognised training programme with a certificate at the end.
  • A contribution towards the assessment criteria of a vocational qualification with the mapping of specific elements across the programme.
  • Give the individual a better understanding of the roofing industry.
  • Ensure a more competent operative when installing the manufacturers’ products.
  • Will become a benefit to the employer’s workforce by improving their CV.
  • Will already have the exposure to a VQ giving them  encouragement to stay in the roofing industry and further vocation.
  • Provide exposure to a VQ, encouraging them to further progress in the roofing industry as a vocation.

What are the benefits to the individual?

  • A more knowledgeable, competent and multi-skilled employee.
  • An employee who will be partly committed to obtaining a qualification.
  • Training will be recognised within the industry and by CITB.
  • Assessment time could be reduced on the OSAT route.
  • The generic element can count towards a SUP, saving training days.
  • Employees will have an enhanced CV which is likely to improve the opportunity of increased business.
  • More trained individuals installing the system products, which can be added to the specification commitment to housing associations, local authorities, etc.
  • Links with additional websites – LRWA, RIA, NFRC and CITB, giving a greater social media presence.

Basic Competency Programme Providers

Basic Competency Programme Providers

Participating Organisations

The BCP supports training, competencies and qualifications in all roofing disciplines:

Roof Tiling,

Sheeting and Cladding,

Built Up Felt Roofing:


National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)

Contact: Drew Beattie

Tel: 020 7638 7663



Liquid Roofing:


Liquid Applied Waterproofing Association (LRWA)

Contact: Chris Bussens

Tel: 07708 87202



Single Ply Roofing:


Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA)

Contact: Cathie Clarke

Tel: 020 7638 7663



Traditional Metals


Federation of Traditional Metal Contractors (FTMRC)

Contact: Nigel Johnston

Tel: 07931 210085